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Dear students and friends,

An unusual newsletter in unusual times: Before we go on Easter break, we would like to give you a short update on the current developments at our school and how Covid-19 is affecting our work and course program. We would also like to share some tips with you on how to practice your German in times of social distancing  and how you can support us. So read on!


Going online (and the extra mile)

These past few weeks have been quite adventurous for our school, to say the least. We have ventured into new waters and have taken up the challenge of adapting our teaching to the new circumstances and are now offering our courses online. 

Many thanks to our students and teachers for going the extra mile and sticking with us. The change came pretty much over night, and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone for making this possible. We highly appreciate your support and are looking forward to welcoming you back to our place very soon.

For those of you who have not experienced our online lessons yet, you can get an impression of our new format here. And for laughs, we’ve also prepared this little trailer for you :) 

Despite the abrupt shift to the online world, the change could fortunately be carried out without any major problems. Of course, adapting our format to online lessons was quite a challenge at first, but our teachers, who were confronted with problems ranging from technical issues to the difficulties of translating our teaching methods to an online format without compromising our communicative approach, mastered the task with flying colors (props to our team!). 
If you are interested in finding out more about how our teachers experienced the situation, you can read some interesting tidbits here. And also, read here how to work with ZOOM.

Learning German in quarantine

According to the latest news reports, the lockdown will continue for at least another two weeks. Many students therefore ask us which platforms and apps we would recommend to train your German skills during the Easter break. 

Our tip: Make your learning experience as pleasurable as possible. If you like reading, check out magazines and easy reader bookssuitable for your level. If you are more of a visual person, watching movies and TV series will definitely be a good option for you. 

From podcasts to apps - the key to your learning success lies in the variety of different ways you use to work on your German. Check out our learning tips in our news section to find out more. 

The upcoming weeks and how you can support us

Many people are wondering how the next course round will be realized: It is most likely that our new courses starting in April will start online first before we can change back to our regular class format at our place. We’ll keep you updated and will get in touch with you as soon as we receive further details by the public health office.

As most of you are probably aware, small businesses like ours are having a hard time to get through the difficult situation caused by the shutdown due to Covid-19. So we’d appreciate it a lot if you spread the word and recommended our classes to your friends to help us survive. 

Leave us a nice comment on google, facebook or yelp and show us some love! ♥

Let’s hope for the best - but most importantly: Stay safe and healthy. 

Enjoy the Easter holidays and see you soon after the break! 

Your Transmitter Team 


Course Program

Our new course program for the spring season 2020 is already online - make sure to save your spot!

If you'd like to sign up for a class, simply use our online form for the registration. We will check availability and get back to you as soon as possible.

Here’s our course plan for April/May 2020:

*Deutsch Intensiv (Intensive Courses):

 Level A2.1  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu:  09:00h - 11:30h  Apr 20 - May 14
 Level B2.1  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu:  09:00h - 11:30h  Apr 20 - May 14
 Level B2.2  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu:  09:00h - 11:30h  Apr 20 - May 14


 Level A2.2  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu:  12:15h - 14:45h  Apr 20 - May 14
 Level B1.2  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu:  12:15h - 14:45h  Apr 20 - May 14


 Level A1.2  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu:  15:30h - 18:00h  Apr 20 - May 14
 Level B1.1  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu:  15:30h - 18:00h  Apr 20 - May 14

*Deutsch am Abend (Evening Courses):

 Level A1.1 (2/2)  Mon/Wed:  18:30h - 20:00h  Apr 20 - June 10
 Level A2.1 (1/2)  Mon/Wed:  18:30h - 20:00h  Apr 20 - June 10
 Level B1.2 (2/2)  Mon/Wed:  18:30h - 20:00h  Apr 20 - June 10
 Level A2.2 (2/2)  Tue/Thu:   18:30h - 20:00h  Apr 21 - June 11
 Level B1.1 (2/2)  Tue/Thu:   18:30h - 20:00h  Apr 21 - June 11

Special Courses

 C1+ Vertiefung   Mon/Wed:  18:30h - 20:00h   Apr 20 - June 10
 Grammatik+ (A2)  Fri:  09:00h - 11:30h  May 15 - Juni 19


 A1.1 Weekend Course  Sat:  10:00h - 15:30h  April 25 - Juni 13
 A2.1 Weekend Course  Sat:  10:00h - 15:30h  April 25 - Juni 13

For more courses and to register visit our website!

See you soon! 

Your Transmitter Team

A Note

Transmitter is a safe place. We want all of our students and staff to feel safe and supported - should you experience a situation in class that does not comply with our standards, please let us know. There is no tolerance for racism, homophobia or any kind of bigotry within these walls.