All of our teachers are native speakers specializing in different academic fields. Our different backgrounds help us provide a flexible and open minded approach to language teaching. We teach with heart and mind and are always open for new ways to work with language, but never lose sight of what’s essential to language learners. 




loves travelling, contemporary art, exhibitions and food. After having lived abroad for a while, from New York to Naples, he worked for some galleries in Berlin as a curator and gallery manager and has constantly pursued his passion for teaching languages. When he’s not teaching, he enjoys playing the piano or exploring something new. Currently, he’s currently studying Hebrew and Japanese and is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Vietnamese.


originally comes from the far north and spent several years in Denmark where she studied textile design. Today she lives in colourful Kreuzberg and loves flea markets, travelling, knitting, interior design and of course teaching. For her, the best thing about teaching is to meet exciting and great people from all over the world over and over again and to accompany them as they find their language.


has been living in Berlin since 2007 and studied Comparative Literature at Freie Universität Berlin. He started teaching German in 2016 and has been passionate about it since then. Apart from teaching, Andreas is also working in the Transmitter office and is very excited about helping you out with your questions concerning registration and organization. You can ask him anything! Andreas is very interested in travelling, languages and art.


originally comes from the beautiful Ruhr area of Germany. She studied Roman studies and Sociology in Düsseldorf and then moved to Mexico, where she was working as a German and English teacher. In Berlin, she currently studies special education. Hannah has a weakness for food, culture and trance music. She therefore enjoys art exhibitions and can’t get enough of Berlin’s wide variety of food and music.


is a real „Fischkopp“ (description for a person from the North) with a great passion for traveling. She has lived and taught German abroad for several years and has since succumbed to Vietnamese food. For Katja, teaching German means conveying a positive image of Germany: „There absolutely has to be laughter in my classes.“ Otherwise, Katja loves to be by the water or in the forest – especially with her dog Alma. She also likes to be out and about in the jungle or pubs.


studied English and French in Innsbruck and before love brought her to Berlin. She has been teaching German at Transmitter since 2021 and also works in the office, helping you with questions around registration for classes.  When she is not preparing German classes, she is playing with her dog.


After completing his teaching degree in history and social sciences  in Rostock, Robert initially worked at the university: He organised readings, lecture series, and intercultural trainings for students and lecturers. Later, he worked as a German teacher in Qingdao. To this day, he nostalgically recalls his time at the Ocean University there, the Laoshan mountains, and the beautiful beaches of the Chinese coastal city. As a German teacher, he also spent 10 months in Bangalore in 2023. Robert loves singing karaoke, literature, extensive beach walks, and traveling into the unknown.

Meet our amazing network!

Besides our internal teacher staff, we also work with a great network of freelancers for more support. These guys are incredibly talented and we’re so happy to be working with them.


has worked as a journalist and translator. After years spent alone behind his desk, he decided to re-direct his focus to a job that involves more exchange and interaction with people. Aside from his work as a teacher and his interest in languages, Hanno is very much invested in music: As part of the German-Yemini pop duo Kabreet, he produces music that merges different musical genres and approaches.


grew up in Hamburg and also has roots in Japan. During his stops in Marburg, Paris, and Frankfurt (Oder), he studied Media Science and Intercultural Communication. When he’s not teaching, Golo is usually traveling with his bike, exploring new and old paths across Europe. Back in Berlin, he appreciates the daily journeys through fields of words and the grammar jungle.


was born in Regensburg. Before she decided to teach German she studied humanities, sold wine, published a children’s book, published a magazine and worked in a library as a lecturer/editor. Language functions like a puzzle and she hopes to help find the right pieces. Her interests include films, books and good food.


Laura first studied German and English to become a high school teacher, followed by German as a foreign language and German Studies at FU Berlin and the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor. She currently works as a research assistant at Paderborn University and is writing her dissertation in the field of foreign language research. Outside of the classroom, Laura can mainly be found in beautiful Brandenburg, where she spends a lot of time out and about with her horse. In addition to the local forests, she also likes to explore the world on her days off, always carrying her camera and e-book reader with her.


was born and bred in the wonderful North of Germany. In 2006, he found himself in Berlin after spending time in Bournemouth and taking classes in film and media.
Once in Berlin, he studied landscaping but pursued his interest in film also by working in different cinemas. Boris travelled to Brazil many times, where he not only learnt Portuguese but also started to teach people from Brazil German. In 2020, he began to also teach students from other countries. He enjoys bringing his favourite topics to his German classes: landscaping, town planning, Ostfriesland (his native region), film, music or Mario Kart.

What our students say about us:

”I have done three courses with Transmitter and I couldn’t be happier. The combination of classes with a lot of group conversations (and fun games), create the right atmosphere to learn German in enjoyable and interesting way. Their teachers are friendly and always happy to help. I recommend this school to all my friends. - Bianca A. (2023)”

”Truly the best language school, with smart and caring instructors. I've taken a diverse array of classes: online and in-person, beginner and middle-advanced, with five different teachers. With TRANSMITTER I'm always excited to go to school. I am so thankful to them for helping me improve my German. Will always enthusiastically recommend. - Dana M. (2023)”

”I took a 4 weeks intensive German class with Transmitter and loved it! My fellow classmates were really nice and eager to learn, Vu our teacher is great, very patient and friendly. The class really helped me improve my skills and feel more confident in speaking so I decided to extend for another 4 weeks. I’d highly recommend this school as the price and quality are really good! - Anais C. (2023)”

”Best language school in town. Katja is a great teacher and will help you with any question you may have. The school atmosphere is very nice, lots of great encounters there. I 100% recommend :) - Penélope de M. (2023)”

”This is a great and welcoming place to study! Small classes allow a more personalized experience and the teachers are so kind and invested. This school was recommended by an expat friend of mine who recently moved to Berlin and I will continue to pass along the recommendation! I plan to take as many courses as I can here, they're wonderful. - Taylor U. (2023)”

”A really lovey place to learn German. The teachers are truly amazing, the classes are super nice, cosy and modern. I have made lots of new friends along the way too which is amazing. I’ve recommended this place to so many people, it’s such a wonderful school and I’m so happy to be part of the class. Learning German has always been absolutely awful for me, (...) until I joined this school. I look forward to the class every morning. Thank you so much! 🙏🏼🥹 - Sorcha H. (2023)”

”Absolutely the best course in Berlin. I’ve tried some before, but they are all extremely boring, only following the book and not really interested in trying anything new to help with the learning process. Transmitter cares about making thorough reviews of the content, every class there’s a bit of a review of what we have learned. This is extremely important to help fixating the content. Besides, it’s always very dynamic and you don’t get tired of the subject. There are games and activities developed specially for every content. Another great thing is that every teacher there is incredibly good. - Manoela (2023)”

”I have done two courses at Transmitter now and I have always found the teachers to be encouraging and enthusiastic and thorough. You will also meet some great people when you attend a class at Transmitter. I can't recommend this school highly enough! - Alan M. (2023) ”


What's new?

Learning in motion


On July 19th, we will host a special workshop with Öykü Kaygusuz, which will combine learning German with movement. It will address haptic learners in particual, who enjoy learning most when they can get active themselves.

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