By paying the deposit or the full amount of the course fee, attending the first lesson or declaring your participation in written form, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.1 Transmitter is a place for cultural exchange and language learning. All people of full age are welcome to register for the courses. Transmitter is not barrier-free. Claims against this cannot be asserted.

1.2 All classes are structured according to CEFR levels (Common European Framework for Language Teaching and Learning). Transmitter has reserved the right to place the students in a class considered suitable for the student by Transmitter. The placement will be decided according to the student’s individual language skills.

2.1 Language classes at Transmitter are held only on the conditions based on the contract. Deviations from this requirement are only acceptable if they are explicitly confirmed and acknowledged by Transmitter in written form.

3.1 The registration for our courses is possible in person on site (after having scheduled an appointment) or online. Registrations are binding.

3.2 The average number of participants is 10 students per class. If we cannot take into account a registration, we will inform the participant. There is no binding legal entitlement to participate in a course or a follow-up course.

3.3 Placement of students: Transmitter reserves the right to place students in a level considered suitable by Transmitter. This placement might not always be identical to those of other schools or institutions of language learning.

4.1. One class unit consists of 45 minutes.

5.1 In case a course does not reach the minimum of required registrations (5 or 6 students per class, depending on the class) one week before the scheduled course start, Transmitter has the right to cancel the course and will reimburse the advance payments. Alternatively, upon agreement, the paid amount can be used for a future registration at a later point, taking into account the advance payments. In this case, the course fee will not be paid back but will be credited to the alternative course.

6.1 All participants need to transfer the course fee to the bank account mentioned in the confirmation e-mail or pay the amount in cash in our office. Should the amount not be received by Transmitter four workdays after the registration, the claim to a place will expire.

6.2 Transmitter reserves the right to change the amount and structure of course fees at any given time for all new courses. The participants will be informed about changes regarding the course fee at least one week before the scheduled course start.

6.3 The course fee excludes any bank expenses or any fees that may occur on behalf of the bank for transactions or other kinds of services. Participants are required to assume any additional costs such as transaction fees and will make sure the full amount will be paid to Transmitter.

6.4 In case a third party (for example Jobcenter, employer etc.) assumes the responsibility for all costs associated, the consignor remains the contractual partner and will be held responsible for all payments.

6.5 The student is not entitled to a participation in class before the full amount has been credited to our bank account or has been paid in cash. Course materials, registration confirmation and other papers will not be handed out to the contract partner before he or she has paid the full amount of the course fees.

7.1 The registered participant has the right to cancel their booking up to 21 days before the course start without a cancellation fee. Between 21 days and 10 days before the course start the cancellation fee is 50 euros for intensive courses / 30 euros for evening courses. After that there is no refund.

7.2 In case of cancellation due to an “important reason” (according to (§ 314 BGB) after the time period as mentioned in

7.1, the participant is obliged to pay 50% of the course fee. The participant has to provide all documents stating the cause (for example, medical attest, confirmation from the employer, etc.).

7.3 If a participant does not show up on time or attends the class only partially, he or she is still obliged to pay the full amount of the fee. The student may offer an alternative participant as a replacement.

8.1 Transmitter has the right to cancel courses or change course times and dates if a course cannot be realized as initially scheduled. Course fees will be paid back in this case – or if the student agrees – the paid amount can be used for another course depending on availability and capacities. The participant cannot claim a participation if the minimum number of participants is not reached. Any kinds of substitute or resulting costs because of the rescheduling or cancellation of the course will not be assumed by Transmitter. Transmitter also reserves the right to change class hours and rooms.

8.2 Courses that fall on a holiday will be canceled. There are no classes on national holidays. The number of units will be reduced without effect on the original course price.

8.3 Transmitter reserves the right to change teachers for a scheduled course. This change of teachers does not entitle participants to withdraw from the contract nor to a reduction of course fees. However, should courses be cancelled because of a teachers’ illness or other reasons which are not in the power of Transmitter, the participant is entitled to a partial refund of the paid fees or will be offered an alternative course date.

9.1 A confirmation of participation can be issued on request if the student has attended at least 80% of the lessons and has paid the full amount of the course fee.

10.1 Our liability is restricted only to intention and gross negligence. Transmitter is not liable for the loss of belongings in our space. Neither in our rooms nor on the way to Transmitter do students have an accident insurance.

10.2 Transmitter caters to the accuracy of our teaching content. However, these cannot be guaranteed. Transmitter is not liable and cannot be held responsible for any damages or inconveniences caused by inaccuracy or lacking applicability of the contents of our teachers or books.

10.3 Students are responsible for any and all damages they cause and must directly compensate the owner of the property involved.

11.1. Participants agree to have their data saved electronically for the purpose of course administration and further contact regarding events, upcoming courses, etc.

12.1. All lessons take place in our offices which are also used for other types of public or private events. Therefore, all rooms are to be left in the same conditions as upon arrival. Smoking inside of our space is not permitted.

12.2. All participants are responsible to bring their own foods and drinks to class. Foods and drinks will not be provided by Transmitter.

13.1. All classes and events will be held in our offices in Berlin unless confirmed otherwise.

13.2. Any changes or amendments of these conditions must be made in written form.

a) ‘Severability Clause:’ If an individual term of this contract becomes invalid, the terms of the other conditions are not affected.

b) These terms and conditions apply to future contracts with Transmitter.  Any changes to this agreement must be made in written form.

c) This agreement is governed by the laws of Germany, and the venue for any possible legal proceedings shall be in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin, 02.01.2019


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