In a world drifting apart, where tension emerges in a clash of conflicting political, ideological and personal values, whether behind closed doors or in the form of political action, it is more urgent than ever to send out a clear message. Current issues such as the crisis in Greece and the Ukraine conflict reveal just how fragile the fabric of Europe and, ultimately, the fabric of our whole world is.
In this exhibition, eight international artists, all of them students enrolled in our institution, examine the symptoms of cultural and political power relations within our society. The artists assume the role of „ambassadors“ or „messengers“, uncovering the injustices that surround us, bringing critical issues to light.
Stretching all the way to their homelands and crossing many borders, John Nguyen and James Robinson address the implications of political and economical changes of emerging nations. Elena Chronopoulou gives an intimate glimpse of the changing ideals of a newer generation stuck in transition, while Terril Scott shares details of her personal experiences in the context of gender and body politics.
All artists exhibiting in “BOTSCHAFT/en/er” shed light on the outcome of structural deficits of a system conceived for a society bound to change. Berlin as a prime example of a young capital undergoing rapid changes seems to be a place for the new as well as the old. It is in this very conflict that Charlotte Sauvaget portrays an old Berliner who embodies the character of the city.
Also Julie Chovin lays focus on our capital by dissecting the architecture of the building of the German intelligence service to reveal the political importance of data integrity.
Rounding up the discourse, Jemma Woolmore mixes utopia with reality whereas Brittany Gould presents her own interpretation of the beauty of structure.
“BOTSCHAFT/en/er” aims to uncover the symptoms which have crept into our everyday lives but which escape the fleeting gaze.
– Vu Hoang, Transmitter, 2015

From June 26th till June 28th, “BOTSCHAFT/en/er” will present new works by:
Julie Chovin
Elena Chronopoulou
Brittany Gould
John Nguyen
James Robinson
Charlotte Sauvaget
Terril Scott
Jemma Woolmore
Opening hours:
Friday, June 26th: 19:00 – 22:00h
Saturday, June 27th: 12:00 – 22:00h
Sunday, June 28th: 12:00 – 19:00h