Die Gezeiten *
What comes after the tide?
Transmitter is delighted to present „Die Gezeiten“, an international group show, which reflects on the come and go of power, the fiction of borders and the roads of migration.
In this exhibition, six international artists trace the sound of „Heimat“ and the fragile memories of the people who endured the repercussions of the political and economical power imbalance. Through their research and art, they shed light on the traces of displacement, unveiling the remains of our individual and collective memories of present day history.
Whether in a small boat across the sea or by foot across land, today millions of people travel across the globe in search of a safe place. Their journeys take them across earth and water, only to discover that the distribution of wealth, territory, power and, ultimately, the world, has already been enacted. While national borders become “lines of defence” and asylum deals are waiting on their implementation, a handful of international companies have already usurped most of the financial resources, and with them the controls.
It almost seems as every man is now out for himself and himself alone. But what exactly is it that we are afraid of? Is man a wolf to man? Or are we just scared the economic impact of our aid programmes could challenge our political supremacy? On our pursuit of personal happiness, we arrived at a point where the question now arises: What have we lost along the way?
In this exhibition, our artists embark on the search for an immaterial idyll, in which human values and the reminiscence of „Heimat“ reappear.
The show is a collaborative work, putting intercultural cooperation and an interdisciplinary approach in the center of focus: Coming from different backgrounds, the artists explore questions regarding global and social equilibrium, and the balance of political and economic power of present day geopolitics.
In regular workshops prior to the show, the artists, among them visual artists as well as designers and architects, had the opportunity to interact with one another, exchange ideas and collectively reflect on the current situation of global migration and its cultural impact and the meaning for the individuals concerned.
In their works, they discuss the heritage of war history, such as the reality of the boat people during the Viet Nam war, the situation of today’s refugees as well as the challenges of creating a place where diversity is appreciated and valued as the foundation of a modern society.
Vu Hoang, Transmitter, 2016
* The Tide
Amélie Bonet (FR), Julie Chovin (FR), Elena Chronopoulou (GR), Maki Ishii (JP)Charlotte Sauvaget (FR), Aiko Tezuka (JP)
All artists are based in Berlin. Curated by Vu Hoang.
More images: http://transmitter-berlin.tumblr.com/gezeiten_docu
Allerstraße 15, 12049 Berlin
Friday, 24.06.2016 19:00 – 22:00
Saturday, 25.06.2016 12:00 – 22:00
Sunday, 26.06.2016 12:00 – 19:00