„Traute haben“
„You are scared of Hermannplatz!“ – an ironic and provocative quote circulating among the young hipsters and printed on surfaces of all kinds ranging from tote bags to decorative pins throughout the city.
Hermannplatz is the gateway to Neukölln, a kaleidoscope of various cultures and backgrounds, where Kreuzberg meets Neukölln, where old Berliners meet immigrants and a hip, urban audience faces the reality of a social hotspot.
Inevitably connected to the district of Neukölln, it is within this place of fleeting moments and perpetual dynamics where our journey starts. In this exhibition the place is interpreted poetically as a channel and projection surface of human interaction as opposed to the actual junction or a place of transit that it might represent.
From this point, we get to Rixdorf via Sonnenallee or to Schillerkiez via Hermannstraße, which has now become just as colorful and lively as the three main roads. Schillerkiez, however, is characterised by a calmer atmosphere due to its proximity to Tempelhofer Flugfeld.
This is where Transmitter is located, a creative space for language learning, where people from all around the world come together to exchange ideas and study German. In small groups they approach the new culture and language, raising questions about the place we engage in and how to understand their personal role in it.
The students of the language school – artists, designers and creative people in their own respect – create synergies that lead to something new and leave room for imagination. In this way they contribute to take the idea one step further and help to define it.
The international group show “Traute haben” presents nine artists from Australia, Denmark, Israel, Italy and the USA who shed light on the district and focus their attention on the traces of social, political and everyday developments. Through their works they discuss the developments and changes they observe and are immediate part of. Through collaboration and interdisciplinary interaction they complement each other and present a very personal and fragmented image of this part of the city.
The sound installation by John Nguyen and William Rørdam presents a spatially orientated map of Neukölln using a network of synchronised speakers combining to make a collaged sound image of a single day.
Brittany Gould and Itay Novik work with traces of everyday life to tell their own story of the inhabitants of Neukölln.
In their photographic installation Lucio Aru and Benedetta Baiocchi unmask people from different background in order to reveal their actual face.
Corinne Kitzis’ and Serena Vittoria Nitti’s Diorama playfully deals with a sudden swap of perspectives between the observer and the agent within an unknown place.
In her installation Tlalit Segal Raayoni examines hidden patterns of transit through the epicenter of Neukölln, Hermannplatz.
Participating artists:
Lucio Aru (IT), Benedetta Baiocchi (IT), Brittany Gould (US), Corinne Kitzis (IL), John Nguyen (AUS), Serena Vittoria Nitti (IT), Itay Novik (IL), Tlalit Segal Raayoni (IL), William Rørdam (DK)
Curated by Vu Hoang
Realized by Tabea Hamperl & Vu Hoang