Online exhibition: The pulse under my skin

While the global health crisis is reaching new heights, changing every aspect of our lives, we wanted to look back and review some of the experiences and changes of the last year.

THE PULSE UNDER MY SKIN was designed as a snapshot of nine international artists from our Transmitter community. In this exhibit, the artists presented their works (or work sketches) and shared their experiences of living in pandemic.

What impact did fear, insecurity, doubts and disbelief have on our work and creativity? How creative can we be when sources of inspiration are no longer accessible? Was the inevitable look inwards and the lack of distraction perhaps an even greater inspiration?

Some of the works such as the performance We Value your Privacy were created before the pandemic but could not be exhibited or presented until now. Other works such as Twins of the Brain or Two Hands were finished during long periods of social isolation. For some of us, the unusual state released unexpected energies and enabled the artists to work even more intensively or in a different way. Other works such as Mass Grave were conceived in response to the devastating effects of the pandemic. What role do fake news and our use of social media play in all of that? At the same time, there were also collaborative works like those by Kabreet or Mara Klein  – which ways did we find to work and be together during this difficult period of time?

Visit the online exhibition here!

participating artists:

Aya Onodera

Christina Themeli


Manuèl Mister

Mara Klein

Tanya Doan

The Glass Room 

Thomas Thores Hyman

Yousef Iskandar