An easier Read – Books in easy German

This might sound all too familiar: You were trying to read some real German literature, but then quickly find out that the book you bought is too difficult for you. Well, we might have a solution for you: Several German publishing houses offer original literature in a shortened and/or simplified version to make the reading experience for beginners less frustrating.

In our Newsletter from October, we presented a little selection of publishing houses and book series which will help you improve your German. Here’s our list:

The Easy Readers series published by Klett offers both classic and modern German novels and short stories in simplified language. The series contains a variety of books by well-known German writers from different periods of the 20th century – from childhood classics such as Emil und die Detektive to historical books like Die Weiße Rose.

Tatort DaF is another series by Klett and offers “Krimis” (crime stories) for the language level A2 – B2. Just like the popular German crime show Tatort, the novels are located in different German cities and regions such as Hamburg or the Bodensee region.

Die DaF-Bibliothek published by Cornelsen boasts a great selection of novels from different genres, ranging from soap operas to crime stories. All of the books include illustrations, details about the respective regions and a glossary. They are also available as MP3s.

Liebaug-Dartmann, a small publishing house based in Meckenheim, not only has its own series of German grammar books in different languages, but also publishes small and nicely designed novels for both younger people and adults. The novels are suitable for beginners in the A2 level and contain additional information about vocabulary, grammar and different German regions.