Graphic novels are for reading, too! (part 1)

Gone are the days when graphic novels were for kids only. They bring us a wonderful combination of visual art and text which might be just what you need if long texts in German intimidate or bore you. Ignite your passion for reading in German with the help of illustrations.

Here is one example, combining the story by author Uwe Timm with drawings by Isabel Kreitz: Die Entdeckung der Currywurst.

In this graphic novel, the protagonist tries to reconstruct the life of an elderly lady who used to run a food stall (Imbissbude) in Hamburg. Her specialty was the famous Currywurst. We learn about the toil of Trümmerfrauen and how Ms Brücker’s life was shaped by the world famous sausage. The book has some historical material at the end to illustrate what life was like in post-war Germany.

All in all, a great mix of German history and individual life story – in your favourite language: German!