Non-binary German TV Show: Becoming Charlie

Today, we would like to draw your attention to a new German mini-series. It is quite special because it is one of the few which focus on non-binary gender identity. The title is simple and tells it all: „Becoming Charlie“.

More precisely, it is about Charlie, a young teenager who was assigned female at birth and is now being confronted and overwhelmed with gender roles projected onto them on a daily basis.

Besides fighting for respect for their gender identity, it is also the relationship with their mother which is causing trouble. Here, too, roles (mother-child) are reversed and lead to many problems in Charlie’s already complicated teenage life.
Besides Charlie, there is also their extremely likeable best friend. We don’t want to give away too much, but he too has a secret and constantly seems to have to prove his „masculinity“.

However, in the most painful situations, they both have each other’s backs. Luckily.

In a summary, the characters are accessible, authentic and diverse.

Regarding the language, the dialogues are informal and there is a lot of youth language and a bit of slang, which is definitely interesting for German learners. We recommend the show for learners of the B2 level, but of course, you can also use the German subtitles.

Each episode is only about 16 minutes short. So prepare some popcorn, get comfy, because the series can be watched in one movie night.

Stream it here .