Our Learning tip: Flashcard Apps

Here’s a little learning tip for your next subway ride or the waiting room in the Bürgeramt. Instead of checking the newest click bait or Instagram story of a famous kitty, let’s invest a little screen time in learning German vocabulary with free Flashcard apps. We tried out some free apps and here’s our recommendation for you.

Based on old school index cards, apps now give us the advantage of learning vocabulary on mobile devices. So if we’re going to spend time on our screens, let’s invest it in learning German! We have selected 3 apps for you to create digital flashcards:

1) AnkiApp
Create flashcards with text, sound, and images. You can download existing sets, too. AnkiApp automatically performs backups and syncs to all your devices, via the cloud. That means however, that you have to register your app using your e-mail address.

2) Memrise
Memrise is especially aimed at beginners and can serve as a vocabulary trainer due to the Spaced Repetition exercises. The program is good at giving first impressions of a new foreign language and guiding you through the first steps.

3) Quizlet
With Quizlet you can create your own traditional flashcards. Additionally, you can choose between different play modes to make your learning experience more diverse and fun.