Top 5 Grammar Websites

1. Lingolia is a great website that explains important grammar topics in a concise and easy-to-understand way. What makes Lingolia so practical is that you can change the language of the website to English, Spanish, French and Esperanto. Another big plus is that after each topic there is a little exercise to practice the theoretical knowledge and if the answers are wrong, you can click on the little „i“ after the exercise and it will explain what went wrong. If you want to practice other languages like English, French or Spanish, Lingolia is ideal! The website offers not only grammar exercises, but also vocabulary and spelling exercises. Another great tool is Lingolias “Konjugator”. You just have to type in a Verb in its Infinitive and it will conjugate it through every tense and Imperativ / Konjunktiv II “würde”. Give it a try!
2. If you prefer to learn through play and visualization, we can recommend the site lehrerlenz. It is primarily aimed at children and young people, but hey, you’re never too old to learn through games and visual tasks! For example, to practice the terrible alternating prepositions, you have to find out where the mice sit and click on the right mouse. Which one is „auf dem Schrank?“.

3.Some of you may know the magazine „Deutsch perfekt“? You can subscribe to it, it’s great to read German regularly, to increase your vocabulary. The texts are aimed at learners of German and are divided into „easy, medium, difficult“. The subscription is not so cheap. However, Deutsch perfekt also has a website where listening, reading and other exercises are provided free of charge. Here’s an exercise for our beloved Adjektivdeklination. We hope it helps you!
4. Mein Deutschbuch offers Grammar explanations as well as online exercises. It is completely in German. The website is clearly structured. One advantage over Lingolia is that the exercises are divided into the different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). Another great tool on this website is the dictation exercise. For this you need to download a FlashPlayer. Try it out!
5.Schubert Verlag also offers a series of exercises divided into language levels. Schubert Verlag is a course book publisher, much like Hueber, which gives us Momente, Schritte and Menschen. Hueber has a lot of additional material as well as online exercises to go with the course books, but we assume you already know these. If not, you can type in „Schritte online-Übungen“ or „Menschen online-Übungen“ and you will easily find them.