Coming up: NEW A2 conversation class

At Transmitter we just cannot get enough of hearing you talk! So we thought it unfair to limit this joy to B level students and are offering an A2 conversation class. This class will offer plenty of options to put your German skills to use.

You will be able to improve your spoken German by working in teams or with a partner. There will be role plays, dialogues for real life situations and short videos and texts.

And of course, you will get the opportunity to practice your speaking skills, use commonly used phrases and interact as much as possible with your peers. Minimum requirements: You are currently an A2 student or have already completed the A2 level. The A2 conversation class is an extensive course and is most suitable for people interested in learning longterm. It is also a good preparation for the B1 level and can be combined with an A2 intensive course, for example.

This class does not use a specific course book.

You can  register right here: