Easter Break from 01.04. – 14.04.!

Transmitter will be on Easter break from:

01.04. – 14.04.  🥳

Registration for our courses are possible online. But fear not: Andreas will be in the office during our break (from April 03) to help you with your registration. Just drop him a line.

Our team will be travelling from 01.04. – 14.04.! The last couple of months have been amazing.
Thanks for some wonderful classes, interesting stories and a lot of community feel!
We really appreciate the time we’ve spent with you.

From 01.04. until 14.04., our teachers will go on a well-deserved Easter break. Registrations are still open and you can get in touch with Andreas via hello@transmitter-berlin.de if you have questions or need help.
He’ll be in the office and can give you a hand if needed.

For the time being, enjoy the last week of courses, and we hope to see you after the break.
Enjoy the holidays!
Happy Easter!

Your Transmitter Team