Meet Francesco!

Starting in April, he will also be teaching our Weekender A2.1 which we are very much looking forward to!
Today, Francesco took the time to answer a few questions for us.

Transmitter: Francesco, what made you want to become a German teacher? What do you like most about the profession?
Francesco: I was so tired of hearing sentences like „German is so difficult!“ „It feels like giving an order every time you speak!“ and so on… I guess I wanted to convince people that German is actually a wonderful language, particularly accurate and refined. In no other language you can feel „Sehnsucht“ or thinking about the „Zeitgeist“! The thing I like most are the students, their commitment and the satisfaction in their eyes when they reach their goals.
Transmitter: What languages do you speak other than German?
Francesco: My first language is Italian. Besides German, I speak English and French and I’m learning Spanish, as well. Ok I admit it… I’d also like to learn Portuguese and Japanese!
Transmitter: That’s really great. How long did it take you to become proficient in German?
Francesco:A lifetime and, thank God, I’m still learning. That’s what I like most about languages : you never stop learning them.
Transmitter: From your perspective, are there any aspects of the German language that you still struggle with and what is your ultimate learning tip?
Francesco: I’m still working on my pronounciation, but this is also linked to me being Italian. My tip is: „Don’t you ever dare give up!“ Everything can be learned, you only need willpower and a really good red wine (or mango juice for non-drinkers)!
Transmitter: What advantages have you experienced as a German teacher whose first language is not German?
Francesco: You can’t say to me: “If you were in my shoes…“ because somewhere in the past I was! I know how demanding this language can be, but I also know how it feels when you master irregular verbs and adjective declensions 😊
Transmitter: Currently, you are enrolled in the program „German as a Foreign language“ at Freie Universität. What do you like about the studies?
Francesco: The fact that there are so many students from everywhere. Berlin is like a giant kitchen where we all meet and share our lives (and write essays and are terrified about the next exam session)!
Transmitter: Starting April 30, you will be teaching our Weekend Course A2.1. Yaay! That’s great news! What can your students expect? How would you describe your teaching style and how do you like to work?
Francesco: When I teach, I can’t stay still in a corner, waiting for somebody to speak. I’m a disturbing agent, who will urge you to speak! For me, the perfect lesson should be like a funky groove: you simply can’t lose the beat.
Transmitter: Francesco, thank you very much for your time. We are happy to have you in our team. Thanks for sharing some insights!
Francesco: Thank you!!