Teacher Interview: Eva

Some of you already know Eva since she’s been teaching with Transmitter for a while now. This upcoming September, Eva will teach a new A1.1 evening course and in October, she will take on a new intensive course at Transmitter (B2.1). Of course, we prepared a few questions for her so that you can get to know her better 🙂

Transmitter: Eva, you have been teaching our evening course for some time now. Last week was the start of your conversation course. How is this format different from your previous courses? Who is the conversation course meant for?

Eva: The conversation course is another wonderful experience in my teaching German career. The participants already have a solid grasp of the language and are ready for fluent interaction and exchange of opinions. We don’t follow a specific learning path from a course book. Instead, the course format allows for a free selection of topics. I encourage students to present topics of their choice: this can be their „Kiez“, a passage from a book, a cultural institution like a bar or restaurant, a video or a newspaper article.
Compared to a specific language level course, the conversation course is more flexible but also requires an open mind for other participants’ topics.
We also address specific grammar topics and build up vocabulary.
The course is ideal for students who want to practice spoken German and expand their knowledge of idioms and vocabulary at the same time.

Transmitter: At the moment you are co-teaching Vu’s A1.2 class and will be taking over our A1.1 evening class in the fall. What is most important to you in your courses?

Eva: Vu is an expert in presenting the language, I am really enjoying my time in his course and learning lots.
My aim is to empower students. I would love to see them build up their knowledge of German week by week, to build a short bridge in between learning structures and using them.
I believe it’s important to show how grammatical structures are not just challenging but also very useful when venturing out in everyday interactions.
Last but not least, the course should be fun, not a serious event without smiles and laughter.

Transmitter: As a linguist, you like to deal with language/s not only professionally, but also in your spare time. If I remember correctly, you speak English, French, Dutch and Italian. Which language would be a challenge for you? And which one is next on your agenda?

Eva: Oh, at my age any new language would be a challenge! I wish I had the time to keep up the languages I speak and to visit those countries often enough to practice. I like the sound of Portugese, but let’s be realistic, I don’t think I will learn another language.
French is my secret favourite and I would love to spend more than a week in France, a project for the future.

Transmitter: And last but not least: What book are you reading right now? Do you have a literature tip for our learners?

Eva: I am currently reading „Wem die Deutschstunde schlägt“, a memoir of a German teacher.
„Zwanzigtausend Reiseleiter“ might be a good summer read (or audiobook) for our learners, it was written by a German comedian and I found it quite funny. I can also recommend the „Whatsapp column“ of SĂĽddeutsche: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/thema/Whatsapp-Kolumne .

Transmitter: Thank you for your time and the nice interview!