You need an official German test for your study or a job search, but don’t know which test is the right one?

We summarized the most popular ones for you.

Please note: We assume no liability for the information provided.


The best-known tests in Germany are TELC, TestDaF and DSH. These are officially recognized tests, which is why they take place in an official test centre or at schools and the exam costs money.

One important aspect to consider always is whether the test institution conforms to the European Framework for Langauges (GER; Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen).


TELC (The European Language Certificate) is the official test institution of the Volkshochschulen. TELC has over 90 certificates in ten different languages – German, of course, is among those provided. TELC is very helpful if your target is to add a language skill to your CV and prove your proficiency to a potential employer. Most employers in Germany will be more familiar with TELC than with Test DaF.

TELC offers 23 different tests for German for different language levels. Here are some examples:

Deutsch A2 + Beruf

Deutsch A2 Schule

Deutsch B1/B2 Pflege

Deutsch B2 Medizinische Zugangsprüfung

Deutsch C1 Hochschule

You can find them all here.

All exams cover reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

The registration deadline for TELC exams is 15 days before the exam date at the latest. In individual cases, late registrations are possible.

One example of where you can take the TELC Test in Berlin is VHS (Volkshochschule). You can find their future test dates here.



DSH & TestDaF

DSH (Deutscher Sprachtest für den Hochschulzugang/German language examination for university entrance) and TestDaF are certificates that are designed especially for academic purposes. It depends on each university which certificate will be accepted, but usually German universities (e. g. the four biggest universities in Berlin: Humboldt University, Free University, Technical University and University for Fine Arts) seem to accept both of them. Please check back with the university where you want to study which test they accept.

TestDaF is offered in a digital and a paper-based format.

The next exam dates for TestDaF are published here


The DSH is organized for applicants who have already been accepted for their studies.
Successful completion of the exam is mandatory for an enrollment at a German university. The DSH take place four times a year before the start of the winter and summer semesters.

You can see test examples on the website of Berlin’s Humboldt University.

This website shows the next DSH test dates.


Our courses and the course books we use for our classes at Transmitter are based on the European Framework for Languages. We teach and discuss all topics and work on the four different competencies – speaking, reading, listening and writing – so that you should generally be prepared to take an exam. However, it must be noted that we do not offer special test preparations here at Transmitter as we are not an official test institution.